19.10.2016 Vortrag „Security Enhanced Multi-Processor System Architecture for Mixed-Critical Embedded Applications“

Dr. Morteza Biglari-Abhari, University of Auckland, hielt im Rahmen unseres Seminars SFB/TRR 89 „InvasIC“ den o.g. Vortrag.

Complex mixed-critical embedded applications integrate different functionalities to satisfy the performance requirements and take advantage of the available processing power of multi-core systems. The emerging so-called Internet-of- Things (IoT) requires these systems to be connected through the Internet, which creates new challenges to support not only the energy efficiency, low power consumption and reliability, which have been essential criteria to certify these devices, security has also become the first class design concern.
In this talk, an overview of the potential security issues in multiprocessor systems on chip will be presented. Our system-level security approach, which provides isolation of tasks without the need to trust a central authority at run-time for heterogeneous multiprocessor system will be discussed. This approach allows safe use of shared IP with direct memory access, as well as shared libraries by regulating memory accesses.