Kompositionelle Zuverlässigkeitsanalyse auf Systemebene unter Berücksichtigung von Unsicherheiten

CRAU Compositional System Level Reliability Analysis in the Presence of Uncertainties Ever shrinking device structures are one of the main reasons for a growing inherent unreliability of embedded system components. The small device structures are susceptible to, e.g., environmental changes like cosmic rays or to manufacturing tolerances. These so-called uncertainties are due to changes and can only be approximated or estimated at design time. The ultimate goal of this project is the investigation and development of a methodology for system-level reliability analysis and design of reliable systems through means of self-adaptation and error-resiliency. This project focuses on (a) the development of suitable cross-level reliability analysis techniques that combine various reliability analysis techniques across different levels of abstraction, (b) enrich well-known reliability analysis techniques by the ability to consider and explicitly model uncertainties, and (c) integrate such a compositional analysis into a system-level design space exploration to allow for cost evaluation of reliability-increasing techniques.