27.05.2022, Gastvortrag Prof. Dirk Koch, Universität Heidelberg

Bilder von zwei Männern vor einer Wand mit Bildern
Dirk Koch (r.) mit Frank Hannig (l.)

Am 27.05.2022 hielt Prof. Dirk Koch, Universität Heidelberg, den Vortrag „The FABulous Open Source eFPGA Framework“ an der FAU TechFak im Rahmen des InvasIC Seminars des Sonderforschungsbereichs/Transregio 89.
Abstract: This talk will introduce the FABulous open source eFPGA framework, which was used in the design of multiple chips. FABulous deals with all the modeling, fabric synthesis, ASIC implementation, and simulation/emulation aspects, as well as the compilation of user bitstreams that will ultimately run on the generated fabrics. For this, FABulous is integrating several other open source tools, including Yosis, nextpnr, OpenRoad, and the Verilator.
The talk will also discuss some of the FPGA engineering challenges and present some of the recent chips, including an open-everything chip and a ReRAM (memristor) FPGA test chip.