Osama Abdelkader, M. Sc.

Osama Abdelkader vor weißer Wand

Curriculum vitae

December 1989 Born in Eltayf, Saudi Arabia
2007 – 2011 B. Sc. Electronics and Communication Engineering Cairo University, Egypt
2012 – 2016 M. Sc. Electronics Engineering Cairo University, Egypt
2012 – 2017 Software Development Engineer at Mentor Graphics, Egypt
Since August 2017 Researcher at the Department of Computer Science 12 (hardware software co-design) , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg , Germany

Research Projects

  • SecRec: Physical Security by Dynamic Hardware Reconfiguration

Research Interests

  • FPGA design
  • Low power and energy-efficient design
  • SoC and ASIC design
  • Embedded systems
  • Security and cryptography
  • Reconfigurable hardware
  • System level design and high level synthesis

Other Interests

Open Theses

  • Low Power Nanometer FPGA Design Techniques at the Device and Circuit Levels

Supervised Theses

  • Currently none



  • O. Abdelkader, M. Mohie-Eldin, H. Mostafa, H. Abdelhamid, H. Fahmy, Y. Ismail and A. Soliman, „Technology scaling roadmap for FinFET-based FPGA clusters under process variations“, Journal of Circuits, Systems , And Computers (JCSC) & quot; Accepted for Publications & quot ;.


  • O. Abdelkader, H. Mostafa, H. Abdelhamid and A. Soliman, „The impact of FinFET technology scaling on critical path performance under process variations,“ Energy Aware Computing Systems & Applications (ICEAC), 2015 International Conference, pp. 1-4, Cairo, 2015.
  • O. Abdelkader, H. Mostafa, H. Abdelhamid, and A. Soliman, „Impact of technology scaling on the minimum energy point for finFET based flip-flops,“ 2015, pp, 462-465, Cairo, 2015.